Reversible Pivot Vent Window With “Between The Glass” Venetian Blinds

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Jack Ackermann formed Ackermann Architectural Products, Inc. located in Oak Lawn, Illinois after a long career with Adams & Westlake.  His company was based on an offering of commercial window and door products.  When Adams & Westlake discontinued manufacturing architectural products, Mr. Ackermann formed A & W Weatherstrip, Inc. located in Harbert, Michigan, and acquired from Adams & Westlake the original manufacturing equipment for the production of the impregnated fabric/metal backed weatherstrip used on many of the Adams & Westlake (Adlake) pivot vent windows.  This acquisition also included access keys, replacement parts and part prints for many different series of window styles that had been produced by Adams & Westlake for many years.

A & W Weatherstrip, Inc.

In January of 1997, A & W Weatherstrip, Inc. was acquired by the current owner.  Initially, plant operations continued in the Michigan location, adhering to the manufacturing specifications and use of the same original equipment, but future expansion appeared necessary, in order to expand our product offering and upgrade the manufacturing processes.  At the end of December, in 1999, we quadrupled our facilities when we relocated the company to Garland, Texas.  

GOM-CO / United American Associates, Inc.

All the assets of GOM-CO were purchased in 1999 from R. J. Gomsrud of Minneapolis, previously associated with United American Associates.  This purchase provided us with the necessary tooling to produce vinyl gaskets for Flour City Architectural  and several other brands of pivot windows and additions to our access keys selection.

The D. S. Brown Company

In April of 2002, our offering of neoprene gaskets for different brands of reversible windows, expanded much further when we acquired the corner molding equipment from The D. S. Brown Company after they decided to discontinue manufacturing molded neoprene pivot gaskets.

United American of Wisconsin, Inc. / Poly Vinyl Co.

September of 2002 brought the acquisition of an automated vinyl corner-welding machine into our manufacturing facility located in Garland, Texas.  Again, our tooling and production capabilities became increasingly diversified with our product offering growing while manufacturing costs remained stable.

In addition, A & W Weatherstrip, Inc. continues to consistantly added new replacement weatherstrip profiles, access keys and various window parts to our offering of products.

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